I like to work with other therapists and experts in their field, and refer my clients if I feel that they could benefit from some extra input. These are people I know well and whose work I trust.

Angiras Auro - Kinesiology


Tel: 07791 835119

“Do you know what it feels like when your body, mind and spirit are in balance? I use kinesiology to talk to the body to find out where the imbalances are and bring your biochemistry (food, organs and nutrition), your structure (muscles, bones, and joints), your emotions (past and present), and energy (meridians, chakras, and auras) into alignment so that your spirit can soar. I incorporate a variety of kinesiology styles and healing tools to create a space of discovery and transformation on your journey to Integral Health."

Rachel Canning - Respiratory Physio & Vestibular Rehabilitation


Tel: 01462 757050

“Physio-Life is a leading specialist physiotherapy practice serving patients in Herts, Beds, Bucks and Cambs. We specialise in vestibular rehabilitation, pulmonary rehabilitation and neurological hydrotherapy. Working with patients to create realistic treatment plans that enable them to reach maximum rehabilitation potential and enjoy an improved quality of life."

Jas Dale - emotional transformation


Tel: 07515 743531

“From a young age and through our life experiences we can take on positive or negative beliefs about ourselves. These beliefs become like our internal computer programming, we begin to live and act from them. Old limiting beliefs can often lead to emotional overload, stress and anxiety, sometimes manifesting in other ways detrimental to our health. At Inner Quest we can help you release any limiting beliefs, unresolved events and emotions. Empowering you with new ways of being so you can start living from the best version of you." 

Nicky Kemp - Sports and Remedial Massage


Tel: 07920 838040

Katherine McGoldrick - Pilates Classes


“Pilates develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit. I run a variety of different Pilates classes throughout the week at Ashwell Village Hall, and am available for one-to-one sessions upon request."

Tracey Luggeri - Yoga Classes - Ashwell

email: traceyluggeri@aol.com

I have been going to Tracey’s yoga classes in Ashwell for 3 years now, and I always feel that my body. mind and spirit are brought into alignment. The hour I spend with Tracey every week is time I treasure, enjoying Yoga at a very deep and powerful level. Tracey’s Yoga sends ripples of health, happiness and well-being into the World.